The Chase - Car Chasing Game

The Chase - Car Chasing Game

Endless car chase game template ready to publish.

If you want to create an endless car chasing game stop it right there, you are at the right place! By using this you can easily create new cars, different maps and customise easily the game by making it as you want it to be.

Tested on mobile devices, desktop and consoles.

This project uses models from 4 Toon City Cars asset created by Space Helmet Studio.

Technical Details:

  • Ready to publish, just build and play.
  • Supports all platforms: Android & iOS, PC, Mac and etc.
  • Support multiple resolutions.
  • Easily customisable and extendable.
  • Fully documented code with comments and description & online documentation.
  • Support keyboard, gamepad & touch controls using new Input System.

If you have any questions, request or something isn’t working please send me an email at:

Release notes

  • v1.2
    • Update: Improve code readability & small performance improvements.