Casual UI Kit - Mobile

Casual UI Kit - Mobile

Casual UI Kit - Mobile is a customisable game UI kit which contains lots of graphic elements which you can use inside your game!

What this asset includes:

  • Different color variations.
  • A demo scene where you can check a few different implementations of the buttons & icons from this package with simpel scripts.
  • Buttons, different size and shape and in different colors!
  • Progress bars with different style, colors and backgrounds!
  • Ui elements like switches, toggle’s, radio buttons and etc.
  • White and colored icons in different sizes: 512x512 / 256x256 / 128x128.
  • Different backgrounds for dialogs, ui elements and etc.
  • All icons are in PNG & SVG format.

Since it’a an UI kit, it doesn’t depend on any rendering pipeline so it supports all of them!

The font used in the asset and in the screnshots is Lilita One which is not included inside the package, but you can find it here: Google Fonts

This asset uses DOTween Free or DOTween Pro version, but if you don’t want the demo scripts you can easily delete ‘Scripts’ folder and you are good to go!

If you have any questions, request or something isn’t working please send me an email at:

Release notes

  • v1.0(Released: May 25, 2020 ) First initial release.